3 activists hassled by police, 2 of them disabled [Public]

Case 1:
A disabled former senior lecturer was visited in her flat at midnight, in order to scare her. She is an activist who has been campaigning against the work of DWP and ATOS, and has been vocal on facebook about the number of deaths among those declared fit for work by ATOS/DWP. She has not engaged in any personal attacks, and has been working to stop people targetting DWP workers.
Police Force: South Wales Police

Case 2:
A member of Occupy was walking home last night, when he was pulled over by the police who had apparently smelled cannabis ... from inside a locked car. He was hassled for details, and when he gave them, the police took even more of an interest and went through his phone.
Police Force: Dyfed-Powys

Case 3:
The police turned up with a warrant at the home of a disabled Quaker, in order to search the house, and confiscate computer and phone equipment. This is the home of someone committed to peaceful protest and non-violent direct action.
Police Force: North Yorks.

How I know about this: All 3 are known to me personally, and it was my husband and I who made the connection about the number of activists being hassled/harassed and joined in the fuss on facebook.
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And when we needed the police last week to find a vulnerable person wandering the streets at 3am, could we get help? Hospital reported said person missing from A&E, police apparently approached them and they told police they were fine, so police couldn't do anything, even when we pointed out that we knew damn well person was NOT fine. If they'd been wearing their underpants on their head and saying they were Queen Victoria, we *might* possibly have had some help. However, escaping from hospital and wandering a strange city at 3am with no money or phone, and a history of self-harm etc, is apparently ok as long as you can string a coherent sentence together... Now I know what they were probably doing instead. I don't know 1 or 2 but am making an educated guess about the identity of 3, and am seriously disturbed that this sort of thing is allowed :-(
Hi, I'm a friend of mirrorshard's and mirabehn's.

Please tell your friends that our thoughts are with them. I've been harassed by ATOS rather than the police (actually, I ended up having to call the police as the man simply would not go away) and that was bad enough. This sounds hellish.
This happened in at least three different places, with different Police Authorities; it is very likely to be the same unit of the Special Branch running these raids.

That makes these raids a matter under Ministerial authority: the operation was not initiated by local CID officers - altbough they may have been present - nor by their Chief Constables.

It would be irresponsible to start an unfounded rumour that one or more Chief Constables refused to cooperate in this type of dirty politics. Or that one of them was overruled when he refused - or attempted to refuse - permission for another forces' operations in his 'manor'

Now for the worrying part.

These three incidents are the ones you know about: I hope they are the only ones, but I doubt it. I also hope, with a greater sense of assurance that my worst fears will not be realised, that all of the targeted individuals are accounted-for. We have not *yet* descended into 'disappearances'. Not of the disabled activists, anyway.

It is time to organise call-in lists and regular check-ins among friends and known activists.

There is some urgency to this outlandish proposal: there will be a second wave of raids based on the data removed from phones and computers.

That, in turn, implies that politically-active disabled people need to consider destroying their contact lists and adopt a 'cell' structure of segregated groups with effective data cut-outs to limit the damage done by successive waves of raids.

I am aware that I am describing the structures of post-democratic politics.

Here via tree_and_leaf... the establishment are clearly afraid and keen to snuff out political activism which doesn't follow directed lines. The underreporting of Iceland, too, is a favourite internet meme, but it is a real issue.
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